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5.20 Controlled Open Enrollment.pdf
5.202 Postsecondary Enrollment Programs.pdf
5.21 Requirements for Original Entry.pdf
5.22 Admission to Kindergarten.pdf
5.23 Admission to First Grade.pdf
5.26 Postsecondary Vocational Programs.pdf
5.27 Homeless Students.pdf
5.28 Children of Military Families.pdf
5.30 Student Attendance.pdf
5.32 Zero Tolerance for School Related Crimes.pdf
5.321 Addendum - 07-12-16.pdf
5.321 Bullying and Harassment.pdf
5.325 Dating Violence and Abuse.pdf
5.327 Hazing.pdf
5.36 Use of Time Out, Seclusion and Physical Restraint for Students with Disabilities.pdf
5.40 Student Control.pdf
5.41 Granting Permission for Students to Leave the School Campus.pdf
5.46 Discipline of Exceptional Education Students.pdf
5.50 Student Records.pdf
5.55 Notification of Involuntary Examination.pdf
5.60 Students with Aids or HIV Disease.pdf
5.61 Eye Protection Devices.pdf
5.621 Psychotropic Medication.pdf
5.70 Grading.pdf
5.71 Florida Academic Scholar Community Service.pdf
5.90 Random Drug and Alcohol Testing of Students.pdf