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4.10 The Curriculum.pdf
4.11 Exceptional Student Education.pdf
4.19 Physical Education.pdf
4.20 Student Progression Plan.pdf
4.22 Academic Acceleration.pdf
4.24 Early High School Graduation.pdf
4.26 Grade Forgiveness.pdf
4.30 Student Clubs and Organization.pdf
4.31 Student Publications.pdf
4.32 Athletics.pdf
4.40 Allocation of Instructional Material.pdf
4.41 Instructional Materials Selection.pdf
4.42 Educational Media Materials Selection.pdf
4.43 Challenged Materials.pdf
4.48 Virtual Instruction.pdf
4.50 Field Trips and Travel.pdf
4.60 District Assessment Program.pdf
4.70 General Education Development (GED) Examination.pdf
4.82 Participation of Home Education and Private School Students In Extracurricular Activities.pdf